125F Scorpion

ផ្នែក # 125F ខ្យាដំរី

ទំហំ មេ PCD ក្រុមហ៊ុន CB និង
16X8 5/6 114,3 ~ 150 66,1 ~ 110,2 -30 ~ 0

Process: Forging: Smelting - Forging - Processing - Painting

Material: aluminum alloy

Packing: Packed in color carton, with plastic sleeve anti-collision plastic ring and hard paper anti-collision board.

Logistics: usually transported in small cabinets. The whole cabinet or the LCL. Use sea transportation. A small amount of sample is transported by air.


125F 16x8 មួយ

125F 16x8 គ

ជួប 16x8 125F

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